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The Mountain Woman Metabolic Clinic


Our Naturopathic Doctors focus on providing an

individualized, natural


approach to sustainable metabolic health by healing the body as a whole . 


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OUR Natural Medical FOCUS:

The Female Triad of Metabolic Dysfunction

The bottom line is the the body doesn’t drop weight when it doesn’t feel safe and has these 3 pillars of health in place. Chronic dieting, yo-yoing with food, self-hatred or shame, stress, chronic conditions and our emotional connection with food are all pieces of the puzzle that tend to be neglected in favour of gym routines and restrictive diets, both of which can further our disconnect from our body.

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We believe it is possible, and actually preferable, to Heal our Weight in a Body Positive environment that promotes acceptance of the self at all weights, while working towards your goals.


Laboratory Testing

In order to understand your unique barriers to whole-body healing, we can learn more about your hormonal, neurotransmitter, gut function and metabolic breakdown through testing, which helps us design a treatment plan specific for you.   

The Mountain Woman Approach To Eating

There are no one-size-fits-all nutritional plans and no diets here. This is about building a diet that supports your individual METABOLIC AND EMOTIONAL / SOCIAL needs. We dispel food myths, reduce fear around food, provide education and help you make it easier to navigate your individual biochemical need for specific nutrition. 

Understanding Your Lifestyle and Personal History

No two people have the same biochemical needs, the same lifestyle, the same likes or dislikes. This is why a person-centered approach to health care is not only valuable, but NECESSARY! This is our top focus when working with our patients. It’s all about you.  


Not all Weight Loss can be approached with a restrictive diet and standard gym schedule. 

We work with women struggling with weight gain for many reasons, including those listed below: 

Chronic Disease & Fatigue

Weight gain is often a visible symptom caused by multiple break downs in the metabolic system. Chronic disease and fatigue can change the function of our metabolism further and inhibit our ability to eat and exercise the way we want to. Sustainable weight control is about treating the root cause of metabolic changes. 


Medications Changing Biochemistry

This happens often but is rarely discussed medically. Medications, including chemotherapy & radiation, antidepressants, antibiotics and more, can change our gut function, neurotransmitter function and metabolic function. This can affect how we eat and how our body processes what we eat. Rehabilitating the body during or after medication use with natural medical care is considered adjunctive care when alongside the conventional medicine. 


Emotional, Physical, Sexual Trauma

Assault & trauma can change our brain, which in turn can change our metabolism. This is a phenomenon this clinic has seen repeatedly. Despite a lot of effort being put into eating well and exercising regularly, the body continues to put on and retain fat stores. Our clinic takes an in-depth look at the metabolic biochemistry that requires treatment while focusing on healing gut & brain function. 



Our stress levels are off the charts these days. As society continues to equate busyness & stress with success, our nervous systems become overwhelmed and our gut, immune, hormonal and metabolic systems no longer function in harmony and can easily begin contributing to stubborn weight gain. Reducing the effects of stress on the metabolic system involves understanding & treating the biochemical changes while working to create an individual life that is nourishing and fulfilling. We were not just put on this earth to pay bills and do chores! 


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can limit mobility, trigger inflammatory cascades and directly impact the metabolism. When chronic pain is at the root of sedentary tendencies, chronic fatigue, appetite changes, hormonal imbalances and food cravings, we need to effectively address this first and foremost. Naturopathic medicine is a highly effective approach to chronic pain. After our assessment of chronic pain cases, we support healing with dietary, & lifestyle changes, supplementation, injection and physical therapies while making referrals to specific professionals that can support healing the root cause of pain.  


Digestive Distress

A primary research focus of our clinic centres around the connection between the gut, brain and weight gain. Changes to the function, motility, innervation and flora of the gastrointestinal tract affects how the body regulates weight, energy, immunity and mental health. Healing the metabolism almost always requires returning to first heal the gut. 

Hormonal Imbalances

Estrogen. Progesterone. Cortisol. Insulin. And more. Hormones act as the chemical messengers between our cells and can be at the root of weight changes in our 20s, 30s, 40, 50s, and post menopause.  Hormone imbalances are often best evaluated with testing as the signs and symptoms of deficiencies & excess of different hormones can overlap. 


Past Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating

Whether a past eating disorder that slowed down metabolic function, or leads to binging, a medical approach to supporting a healthy weight through gut and brain healing as an adjunct to psychological support can be what we need to begin changing our relationship with ED and feeling stable in our relationship with food & body image.  


Genetic & Metabolic Deficiencies

We are born with a set of genes that set our metabolic potential; our diet, lifestyle and environment can effect how these genes are turned on. Identifying specific metabolic processes that could use a helping hand with natural medical support for optimal metabolic function can be a big step to learning about what your body needs most to be healthy and happy. 



Coffee. Sugar. Take out. Carbs. Salty snack foods. Whether food addiction, or recovery from alcohol or drug addiction where food becomes a substitute addiction. The food industry has done an amazing job at creating processed food that take advantage of our brains & hormones to create powerful cravings and addictions. Breaking cycles of metabolic addiction to certain food products requires healing the very system that are affected by the foods: the gut, the brain, the hormonal system. 


Depression & Anxiety

Changes in our mental health dramatically affect our relationship with food. Food can become a consistent balm when we go through mental pain. Weight gain can be an aggravating factor to our mental state as well. Aside from our relationship with food & weight, in depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions associated with changes in the brain, changes to the metabolism can be either a cause or a result. Understanding how depression & anxiety manifests in an individual's case, whether the underlying roots are genetic, metabolic, hormonal, gastrointestinal, is incredibly important for healing the mind & body. 



From postpartum depression to postpartum fatigue and an inability to lose weight, the changes that a woman's body undergoes are highly unique to that particular stage in her life. Every postpartum journey is different as it has been affected by the pregnancy, the delivery as well as postpartum infant and mother needs. A medical approach to understanding hormonal changes postpartum, safety around using supplements and weight loss endeavours during breastfeeding and the relationship between postpartum mental health and metabolism is what our clinic does best. 


We Approach Weight Loss Differently

It's a whole-body thing for us. 

This clinic was built by those with a personal history of struggles with weight, body image, food & exercise. We know that a simple plan of eating less and moving more is not always the missing piece for a lot of us in our journey towards a body we love to be in. We combine an evidence-based approach to the biochemistry of metabolism and an empathetic, person-centred approach to navigating our relationship with our bodies. 

Born out of the foundations of Naturopathic Medicine, we look for a person's unique root cause of weight gain and create a natural treatment plan around that to heal the metabolism & body as a whole.    


Who We Work With

Women, from their teens to post-menopause, who suspect their weight gain or inability to lose tough weight, no matter whether it is 10 lbs or 200+ lbs, is being affected by something else going on internally that needs to be addressed. 

We excel at working with patients who come to the table with a range from symptoms, of which weight gain is only one. From mental health challenges to painful periods and digestive pain, we want to teach patients how their symptoms are related and heal the body as a whole. 

Above all, the patients we work with are committed to working on their physical & mental health, knowing that is process is not linear and does not require any degree of perfection, just a willingness to show up for ourselves. 




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